About the Association

Association of Serbian Private Healthcare Providers is a non-profit organization gathered around the mission of mainstreaming privately owned health services and utilizing potentials of its integration into the health system of Serbia.

Among the founders, there are the most prominent private health service providers from all around the country. With 300 members from all around the country, the Association is covering the most of the private health care market in Serbia.

At the Association’s Assembly that took place on 26 September 2014 the Association was endorsed by Serbian Minister of Health, dr Zlatibor Lončar, who supported our efforts of private health care and committed to joint efforts in establishing cooperation between public and private healthcare sector. On the same occasion, the Chamber of State Healthcare Institutions and its director Prof. dr Konstantinidis also endorsed the Association, and in our next joint step  is singing the MoU, by which all hospitals in Serbia whether they are state or privately owned, will be in agreement.

I find it extremely important that private health institutions, health practices, and hopefully soon laboratories, pharmacies,  and dentists – organise and gather within an Association.

Dr Zlatibor LončarMinister of Health of the Republic of Serbia

We have more interests and problems in common than issues that keep us apart

Prof. dr Georgios KonstantinidisChamber of State Owned Hospitals


  • Promote cooperative spirit of private healthcare facilities, committed to ethics and the quality of services provided
  • Promote continuous and systematic quality of medical services improvement, stimulating their accreditation and mainstreaming the culture of health as a higher value
  • Develop all forms of relationships with stakeholders and regulatory entities
  • Gather, produce, organize and disseminate interdisciplinary knowledge relating to the management of private hospitals and promote optimization of the available resources
  • Promote the expansion and leadership activities of its members
  • Stimulate the improvement and specialization of professionals for the provision of medical services, as well as for the management of private hospitals;
  • Promote the exchange of scientific, technical, business and managerial experience, to improve the country’s medical and hospital services, maintaining permanent information services and assistance to members on matters affecting their interests;
  • Cooperate, support and maintain meaningful contact with other entities in the health care industry or other associations, national and foreign entities
  • Investigate ways to develop relationships with health insurance carriers, targeting the most fair and adequate profitability of its Member Hospitals;
  • Contribution to the competitiveness and sustainability of private healthcare sector
  • Perform other activities that aim to protect or defend the interests of its members, always within an ethical and legal conduct.


The Association is governed by Managing Board, now having 60 members that represent the founders, Serbia’s districts (25 of them), and various medical specialties. The executive role is entrusted to the Association’s Executive Board, that has 11 members, and includes representatives of diagnostic biochemical laboratories and pharmacies as well. Other bodies include Supervisory Board and Ethical Board,  and the Secretariat that is a focal point of all day-to-day activities and operations.

Serbian Minister of Health, dr Zlatibor Lončar, at the Association’s Assembly, 26 September 2014